Nicola Wallace


Civil & Commercial Mediator

Nicola Wallace, MSc


Civil & Commercial Mediator

Having first qualified as a solicitor, Nicola has practised at the Bar since 2006.


Nicola is a fully accredited civil and commercial mediator for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. She is also a panel member for civil and commercial mediation for ADR Group.  


Nicola is a member of the Professional Advisors to the International Art Market.


Nicola is also a Family Mediator.


Nicola attended the Advanced Mediation Course at Harvard Law School, in June 2016, "Mediating Complex Disputes".


In October 2016: Appointed WIPO Panel Mediator Neutral for Arts & Heritage.



With over 25 years of experience, Nicola’s background as a lawyer enables her to build the confidence and trust of parties in order to deal effectively with a wide range of disputes.  Through mediating within the most complex and intractable high net worth family financial and children disputes and international cases, Nicola has developed the highest standard of communication skills.   With careful attention to detail and tenacity, Nicola facilitates optimum conditions for a successful mediation.  


In litigation matters, Nicola has a keen eye for strategic evidential presentation.  This serves to maximise the litigation potential.  Her advice is both pragmatic and considered.

January 2015: Nicola was awarded a distinction in her MSc Art, Law and Business (Christie's, accredited by the University of Glasgow).  

Speaking engagements

March 2015: Nicola presented 'The Role of the Expert in Art-Related Disputes' at the Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (MACCH) 2015 Conference, Maastricht University.  

June 2015: Nicola was Panel Chair at the Art & Law: Art in Peril Interdisciplinary Conference, Cambridge University.


September 2015: Nicola  was invited by Advocats Conseils d'Entreprises to speak on the subject of Mediation in Art Disputes in Paris:  "La résolution non judiciaire des litiges en matière d’art".  Presentation:  'Le Processus de Médiation – la perspective Anglaise'


November 2015: Nicola was invited to deliver a lecture at Hague University of Applied Sciences.


June 2016: Harvard Law School: Advanced Mediation: 'Mediating complex disputes'


October 2016: Appointed WIPO Panel Mediator Neutral for Arts & Heritage.

November 2016: Nicola presented 'Mediation - Managing the Litigation Risk' : Art Law conference, K & Gates LLP.

November 2016.: As part of Art Resolve, Nicola presented 'Mediation in Art and Heritage Disputes' Art Law conference, Sotheby's Institute.

November 2016: 21st Ius Commune Congress, Maastricht University: 'The role of Mediation in Art & Heritage Disputes'.

February 2017: Nicola was a judge at the 12th ICC competition, International Chamber of Commerce, Paris

March 2017:  Nicola completed 40 hours training in Faith Mediation and is now an accredited Faith Mediator.


In June 2017: Nicola returned to Harvard Law School to assist the Faculty in the delivery of the Advanced Mediation Course.

November 2017: Nicola was invited as a panel member at Art Summit Ireland, Dublin - speaking on the subject of mediation in Art and Cultural Disputes.

February 2018:  Nicola was again a judge at the 13th ICC competition, International Chamber of Commerce, Paris


June 2018:   Nicola was invited to be part of the small team of international lawyers, led by William Charron of Pryor Cashman LLP, New York, who have been developing a centre of excellence for art and Heritage disputes “Court of Arbitration for Art” (CAfA) in the Hague.  Nicola presented on the subject of Mediation at the launch of  CAfA at the AiA Conference 7-9 June, The Hague.


June 2018:  Nicola was invited as a panel member speak about succession planning and protection of personal property and assets in Divorce at the Art Business Summit, Adare Manor, Ireland.

February 2019 Nicola was again a judge at the 14th ICC competition, International Chamber of Commerce, Paris.

January 2020, Nicola presented to Master Students University of Maastricht/Royal Academy, Brussels on the subject of ADR processes for arts and heritage in Europe.

February 2020 Nicola was again a judge at the 15th ICC competition, International Chamber of Commerce, Paris.




Barrister, 4 Paper Buildings, Temple, London

Accredited Mediator ADRg (civil and commercial)

Accredited Trainer for ADRg (civil and commercial mediation)

Accredited Mediator RICS (civil and commercial)

Family Mediator, Resolution

Member Family Mediation Council

Panel member ADR ODR International (family, civil and commercial)

Member of Art Resolve

Accredited Trainer for the Bar Council and for Resolution

Contributor to Christie's Bulletin for Professional Advisers

Bar Council Public Access Panel

Member of Resolution Training and Learning Committee

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